When traveling through the South, your best bet for authentic and carefully prepared Southern cuisine are the many barbecue restaurants that dot the roadsides. Dont be fooled by the casual atmosphere in most of these BBQ joints. Usually these restaurants grew out of a simple BBQ pit where the owner sold BBQ to take away. Many of the pit men only opened on weekends, working (usually on a farm) during the week and tending the pit on weekends.
The typical BBQ shack consisted of a bare concrete floor surrounded by a corrugated tin roof and walls. Soon, stools and tables were added and the ubiquitous pig adorned the outside of the building. The preparation of the pig required almost constant attention and few expert pit men were willing to share the secret sauce preparations. The advent of the automobile gave the BBQ shack a ready made clientele. Travelers would stop at the roadside stands for a cheap and filling meal.

BBQ is a cherished example of the cultural heritage of the South. These roadside BBQ shacks were an interracial meeting place long before the forced integration of the 1950s and 1960s. Much of its trade consisted of take out orders, but in some places Blues and Boogie Woogie music infused these BBQ Joints, which drew fans of every class and color. Daddy Joes is a tribute to all BBQ Shacks and their traditional ways of slow-cooking.

So Kick Back and Enjoy!

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