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Daddy Joe’s To Go

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With a simple phone call, you can order Daddy Joe’s To Go. Give us a call and pick some of the best Southern style cooking around to take home. Check out our Full Menu (Adobe Acrobat PDF 580k) and give us a call at 864-487-RIBS or 864-487-7427.

Chopped BBQ & Sauce (1 Lb.) $10.95 (Serves 3-4)
Rack Of Ribs $28.95 (12 bones)
Pulled Chicken (1 Lb.) $10.95 (Serves 3-4 & sauce)
Calabash Chicken (1 Lb.) $12.95 (12 pieces)
Smoked Chicken Salad (1 Lb.) $10.95 (Serves 3-4)
Baked Beans . 8 Oz $3.25 (Serves 2)
16 Oz. $4.95 (Serves 4)
BBQ Slaw 8 Oz. $3.25(Serves 2)
16 Oz. $4.95 (Serves 4)
Cole Slaw 8 Oz. $3.25 (Serves 2)
16 Oz. $4.95 (Serves 4)
Potato Salad 8 Oz. $3.25 (Serves 2)
16 Oz. $4.95 (Serves 4)
Box Of Hushpuppies $4.95 (24 Pups)
Buns Six (6) $1.95 Twelve (12) $2.95

Daddy Joe's Beach House BBQ & Grill is one of the finest Bar-B-Cue (or "Bar-Be-Cue", depending on where you hail from) restaurants and BBQ caterers in South Carolina & North Carolina. From barbecued ribs, pork, chicken or steaks, we provide the finest Southern cooking around. And we don't just do BBQ, we also have burgers, chicken, salads and wide variety of delicacies for every palate on our menu. Besides our great barbecue and casual dining restaurant (featured in Southern Living Magazine), we also cater to groups from 100-3000 and as few as 20. Call us today at 864-487-7427.

Daddy Joe's
Beach House BBQ & Grill

1400 W Floyd Baker Blvd.
Gaffney, SC 29341
(864) 487-RIBS

Hours of Operation:

Mon. -Thurs.: 11am - 9pm
Fri. - Sat.: 11am - 10pm
Sunday Closed